Saturday, February 25, 2012

Water is Flowing

After over a year spent building 3 holding tanks, laying miles of pipes, and setting up a solar powered generator, water is now accessible along a mountainside to a community of 3,000 people. Instead of hiking down the mountainside carrying a Jerry can, water can be retrieved at one of 4 stations.

Arlene Brown worked with Les Compagnons Frontaniers du Rwanda (COFORWA), a non-profit organization which works for the well-being of local communities in rural areas of Rwanda by providing improved access to water through the construction of water installations.

COFORWA has more than 40 years of experience and operates throughout Rwanda. It also provides training courses on water quality, water installations and maintenance.

On Saturday February 18, 2012 a celebration was held for the blessing of the water project. Many dignitaries came including the army commander from Muhanga District, COFORWA President, Rotarian President, Arlene Brown, the Vice-Mayor of the Muhanga District and others. Many from
the community joined the celebration.

And thanks to Rotary International in Pittsburgh, PA, Canada and Kigali, Rwanda the solar panels and generator are in place. That was the final step.

Thank you to the many Methodist churches in Centre County, Pennsylvania that raised funds for the holding tanks and pipes. It took many from our community to reach across the world to another community to join together in this amazing project.

So when you turn on your water, stop and think......we are so fortunate for what we have.

Go to my Blog posting on October 24, 2011 to see photos of the holding tanks and the water project while I was there.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Preschool

There is exciting news about Cyakabiri Preschool. When I left Rwanda in November Mama had a vision to build a 2 room building. Why? There was a waiting list of 100 new children whose families wanted them to come to the school.

So I came home and Arlene came back to the US and we shared the vision with many people. They have stepped up and are still stepping up to make this a reality.

Groundbreaking began January 18th and already the walls are up and the metal roof is ready to go on. Each day I receive exciting updates which I will continue to share.

Notice the scaffolding around the building and how they mix the cement. No delivery of ready made cement. It is all done by hand.

This project means construction jobs for men and women in the community. Jobs that are so needed. It means jobs for carpenters to build classroom furniture. It means jobs for additional teachers.

It means more children will receive an education and daily nutrition.It means Arlene is forging many partnerships with families, local businesses and the government.

And it is all good.