Saturday, March 31, 2012

Healing a Little Girl

God continues to add and bless. Diane was 4 weeks old when she came to the Urukundo Home in early November. She was an abused child and became a loved child. When she arrived she was taken to the hospital for treatment of a wound on her face and a broken arm.

This little one was healing and growing and being loved by the other children and the Mamas. But in March their precious little girl began vomiting and quickly became dehydrated. They took her to a nearby hospital then transferred her to a second hospital. It was decided that after being on cows milk she suddenly formed a reaction to it months later. They changed to a milk substitute but her condition continued to worsen.

Arlene Brown made a decision to take her to a third hospital, the government hospital in Kigali the capital. They sent Diane home. On a Sunday, fearing for her life, Arlene took her to the King Faisal Hospital, the fourth hospital, where she had no insurance. A team of 9 worked on her for 3 hours not sure they could save her. Finding a vein was near to impossible so they went into her head to get fluids to her little body and also gave fluids in her legs. God was good and after those three hours the doctor looked up at Arlene and smiled. She took a deep breath and cried for the life that was saved.

Diane spent 2 days in ICU and was finally moved out of intensive care. She is eating NAN#2 a milk substitute recommended by the doctors. Francois, one of the nursery mamas from the Urukundo Home, stayed with her at the hospital. Both are now home.

After 8 days the bill was $930, little compared to the US. And her special formula costs $32 every 3 days. God continues to bless as friends from the US have helped with these unexpected expenses.

Diane is a fragile little girl because she was an abused baby. But is a real fighter. As Arlene says, "I thank God for bringing her to us and I thank God for the healing that is taking place."

Please keep this little girl and all the vulnerable children throughout the world in your prayers.

As Arlene says, "God in charge."

The photos show baby Diane the day she arrived in November at the Urukundo Home and into the arms of Mama Arlene. The second is in the ICU a few weeks ago and the third a healing baby the day she left the hospital to return to the Urukundo Home.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last fall Vincent's Visa to come to the US was denied. I am thrilled to tell you he was recently approved and will be in State College staying with me April 20 - May 17th.

Vincent is an administrator working with Arlene Brown at the Urukundo Home. The purpose of his visit is to prepare him to be the school administrator of education at the Urukundo Learning Center and Cyakabiri Preschool and assume additional management responsibilities.

Vincent has a bachelor's degree in languages from the National University of Rwanda and has been a teacher of languages in the secondary and university levels.

On Sundays he will be speaking at St. Paul's UMC, Park Forest Village UMC and Pine Street UMC in Williamsport. At St. Paul's he will also be worshipping with the Wesley College students and meeting with Sunday School classes.

For 3 days at both St. Paul's Preschool and Nittany Valley Charter School, he will meet with the administration and office managers to learn policies and procedures on managing a school. He will participate in classroom activities and attend staff meetings. Vincent will also spend one day at the Penn State Child Development center as that school has recently formed a sister school partnership with the school in Rwanda. Meetings are also being arranged with the college of education at Penn State.

Additional visits are planned with the State College High School, Mt. Nittany Medical Center, music venues and local farms. He is interested in seeing sporting events for youth and adults and our community has lots to offer.

A highlight will be attending the PSU Blue White game the day after he arrives. He said he wanted to see a stadium and do we ever have a great one for him to sit in! I also have plans for him to go to Belleville to see the farmers market and Amish, Penns Cave and the creamery.

I hope to fit in some sightseeing in Washington, DC before he flies home.

Pictured below are Vincent and Felicite, the two administrators at Urukundo. Both are dedicated to providing a safe haven and a place of learning not only for the children at the home but also for many in the community. Arlene Brown is so fortunate to have such faithful Christians working with her.

I can't wait to share pictures of Vincent's visit here in the US.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dedicated Teachers

Cyakabiri Preschool is thrilled to have such dedicated teachers for their 80 students. All have graduated from high school with a major in education. They have also attended a teachers training center to further their education. The children are very fortunate to have these teachers that love what they do and are committed to educating the future generation.

We asked the teachers to comment about teaching. In the photo below from left to right:

Theogene - "It is my chosen profession. I continue my studies at the University to get a teaching diploma. My goal is to succeed at University and qualify to be Head Teacher then Headmaster at this school. This job also helps me pay for my tuition."

Alexie, assistant to Theogene - "I like the people at Urukundo and Cyakabiri Preschool. I am treated with respect. I love working with children."

Andrew - "I love teaching. It is my desire to learn new techniques. Teaching here is helping me develop as a teacher."

Solange, assistant to Andrew - "I love the children and I love my job here. I also work as a tutor for grade primary 5 kids in the home. I am helping the children of my country get a education."

A surprise arrived a week ago from an anonymous donor. Boxes of teaching materials that are in English and Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda. Andrew and Solange were excited to review the materials.

Once the classroom building is complete 2 additional teachers will be hired and 40 more children, that are waiting patiently, will start school. We can't wait for the new doors to be open wide.

God surely has blessed all that is being accomplished through this gift of education!