Thursday, March 30, 2017

God's Re-creation Part 3

Morning Has Broken....verse 3

Mine is the sunlight,
Mine is the morning,
Born of the one light Eden saw play.
Praise with elation, praise ev'ry morning,
God's recreation of the new day.

God's Re-Creation Part 2

Morning Has Broken...verse 2

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dewfall on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass.

God's Re-Creation Part 1

Kathy Dansky, one of my S5 running buddies for many years now living n Colorado, was in training for the Cherry Blossom Run for early April. She made a playlist of songs and dedicated a song to each of us. She chose Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens for me.

The night I opened my emails after not getting them for 2 days I had the email from Kathy telling me about the song. You wouldn't believe it but it was perfect as we were driving to Nyungwe Park at 4:30am the next day for a full day hiking the rainforest. We saw a beautiful morning sunrise in all its glory!

Morning Has Broken....verse1

Morning has broken like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
Praise for the singing,
Praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the world.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Almost every March that I am in Rwanda tiny white mushrooms pop out in our front yard after a long rain. These are a delicacy and free. Staff picks them then takes them to the kitchen where the kitchen staff and Cowboys (farmers) sort and clean them. They are then soaked several times before being thrown in the pan to sauté for sauce for dinner! Thanks to the many hands that give this special treat!!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Preschool at the Farm

Sorry to be away from my Blog but we had no internet for 2 days.

So back to news at Urukundo. The kids at our preschool are so fortunate to have outdoor learning opportunities. Here they are at our farm greeting the pigs and cows and singing to them. Singing about how some are big and some are small, their colors and what sounds they make. Even a little one took time to stop and pick a flower. It's about taking time to see the simple things!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Kids in Rwanda take football "soccer" very seriously. They practice with whatever balls they have....regular soccer balls as well as deflated balls. They become quite proficient in their skills using the old battered balls.

Free time during exam week is a great time to get outside and play. Football games between 4th and 5th graders is a highlight and very competitive! While the teams are playing others are on the sidelines cheering or small groups are having their own mini game. Feet just keep moving the balls!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017


Thanks to many that have helped raise funds for the school playground, it is being enjoyed by over 550 children from our school and kids from the community. Swings, a slide and the merry go round keep everyone busy!



Hanging on tree branches

Swinging on a jump rope

Drawing in the dirt

Playing with a ball...or what used to be a ball!!!

More play

Without all the distractions of electronics and gadgets the kids learn to play with what they have. Make believe, sports and time at the playground with friends is a highlight of their day in between classes. We love to hear all their laughter of joy and delight!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mom and Baby 1

I am always amazed by the generosity of so many that provide baby items for our Mom and Baby Community Outreach. Knitters of sweaters, washcloths, hats, baby peace dolls and blankets. Women and girls that sewed receiving blankets and others that donated them. Then there are the tiny socks, gently used clothing, terry towels and baby snap tees. And of course the generosity of Chico Bags that donated 100 reusable bags to put everything in.

Thank you:
State College Soroptimist
Sunrise Rotary State College
Friends Schoolhouse
Chris Murphy
Jane Childs
The Makery girls sewing classes and Amy Frank
Shirley Wormley
Connie Cousins and the Lutheran Church in Centre Hall
Chico Bags
St. Paul's United Methodist Women

Mom and Baby 2

We are always so thankful to have mothers in need that we did not connect with at the local birthing center come to Urukundo to meet with mama and our staff to see how we can help them. One mother, from our community, had to deliver at a hospital farther away because it was a high risk birth with possible complications. She stopped by with her 3lb, 4 day old baby. Hard to imagine being sent home.

We were able to give her a layette kit with baby hat, blankets, socks, clothing, knit doll, washcloth and a fleece blanket. The tiny little baby was then put on her mothers back to be wrapped the Rwandan way for their long walk home. Please pray for little Grace.

New Chicks

Two days ago 750 one-day old chicks arrived at our farm. I found out while touring the farm yesterday morning. Jovit our cowboy in charge of chicks and chickens was all smiles as he waded among the tiny chicks in the charcoal heated room. Of course there was a lot of peeping and chirping among the chicks. Jovit spoke little English so we used hand motions and a bit of French to communicate. My French was from elementary school so lots of smiles and laughs.

Four times a year 750-1,000 chicks arrive that are raised to sell for meat. $85 purchases 100 chicks. My church, St. Paul's United Methodist Wesley college students are holding a Lenten fundraiser called "Fill the Coop" to purchase chicks for the farm. If other groups or churches are interested in this let me know and I can provide information.

I am alway humbled seeing how God provides so many blessings for this ministry. And there always seems to be a new experience that isn't planned. That's what makes Urukundo so special in our hearts. The people, the hard work, the love for this ministry and what it means to so many!!