Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sock It To Me!

What a great campaign name to collect socks for Rwanda. "Sock it to Me"!! And another catchy campaign "Cover Your Butt" was launched to collect packets of kids underwear. That's what Nanette Anslinger coordinated through Trinity Episcopal Church in Tyrone, Holy Trinity Episcopal in Hollidaysburg and community friends for the 3rd year!! What a commitment.

Trinity Episcopal in Tyrone collected 189 pairs of girls underwear, 63 of boys underwear, 320 pairs of socks and 153 hand sewn dresses. And then they raised $400 thanks to Deacon Jack Hoffer who used funds from his discretionary fund as well as individuals that made donations. These funds will be used to cover extra baggage fees to get suitcases to Rwanda filled with their donations.

Holy Trinity Episcopal in Hollidaysburg provided 41 pairs of girls underwear, 152 pairs of boys underwear and 139 pairs of socks. Thank you Rev. Jeanne Jacobson for encouraging your church to continue participating.

I was amazed this year when I pick up the donations and they filled the entire back of my SUV. Thank you for providing much needed items each year. You are all such a blessing to the children in Rwanda.

Nanette just shared this with me, "At church this evening, Ash Wednesday, one of the elderly ladies whom I rarely see approached me to talk about the recent ingathering success. She'd bought some boys' undies and had had to enlist the aid of a salesperson because it had been a long time since she'd bought children's clothes. She was so sweet in her concern to have done the right thing!"

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