Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

What an opportunity to be in Rwanda during this special day and celebrate the empowerment of women. Since anyone me not married is called a girl no matter what age Arlene likes t call it International Female Day!

Over 2 hours, around 37 of our female staff of all ages came off and on to share Fanta and sambosa, meat pastries. There was time to talk about the changes that have been made since they were all young. In Rwanda there are now more opportunities in education, employment and leadership leading to improved gender equality for girls and women.

In the 1990's only 30% of students attending school were girls. Now it is 50% girls. That's a big change. More women have higher level positions in government and there have been great strides in equal pay for women.

Several shared stories of what their life is like compared to their mothers and grandmothers. Enjoy some of their amazing photos!! Especially Kavine a little girl showing she's ready to take on the world!

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