Monday, April 6, 2015


The math projects from Radio Park Elementary also included a line graph with measurements of the height of students.

Good thing we have a sewing center where I could get a tape measure. The kids had such fun measuring each other then recording the results. Since they use the metric system their measurements were in centimeters. Then they decided to include measurements in feet and inches. Another learning opportunity.

While I was in another class a student said they had a surprise for me and wanted me to come to their class. One entire third grade class of about 26 students was lined up outside by height!!! They wanted me to take a photo so I could include it on the graph. Then we lined up the two tallest and the two shortest. What a difference!!

Bar Graph 1

The sister school partnership with Radio Park Elementary School included 4th grade classes exchanging graphs. Three classes each took different graphs to work on. A bar graph, pictograph and line graph. The two teachers in Rwanda decided to do 2 bar graphs and a line graph.

Here is Vieteur and his primary grade 3 class working on favorite animals bar graph. After they made the graph, head teacher Irene stopped by and had a short lesson about what the graph depicted and what they learned. This was a great exchange of learning tools.

Bar Graph 2

The math teachers loved the idea of making graphs. Teacher Emmanuel worked with one primary 2 class on a bar graph of favorite foods. The students had to narrowed down their choices to the top 5 then vote. It was fun watching them make one choice.

To brighten up the project that would travel with me back home they added pictures as well as listing the English and Kinyarwanda words for each food.