Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guidecraft 1

New teaching opportunities are introduced thanks to Guidecraft and their Better Builders sets!!!

Guidecraft started in 1966 in a small woods op producing 10 items. The company now includes over 850 educational toys and furnishings. Their mission remains the same; stay true to the tradition of smart, beautifully crafted wood products, which allow children's minds and imaginations room to truly wonder and grow. They value the importance of expert quality, excellent service and an ever growing collection of creativity inspiring products for children.

The teachers at the Urukundo School tested them out first at one of their trainings before they introduced them to the children. And what fun it was. They had never seen anything like this!!!

As the company shared, "We are donating this product because Guildecraft strives on educating children from all walks of life and we feel it's important that ALL children get an opportunity to learn."

******This set is amazing so check it out on their website

Thank you Guidecraft for making a difference in so many children's lives even in Africa!

Guidecraft 2

Once the teachers learned how to use this educational magnetic toy during their teacher trainings, it was time to introduce it to the 2nd graders. So....... it was time to just play.

Each group explored in their own unique way. Some built using the same colors while others worked together using all the pieces. Others built around the edge of table, then built up.

Look at the fun they had seeing things stick and push away and learning new words like attract and repel.

Thank you Guidecraft for providing sets of Better Builders for almost 300 children in our school.