Monday, September 29, 2014

Art for Rwanda Artist

Sandi Garris ~~~

"I read the CDT's heartwarming story about the Home for Children in Rwanda and simply had to take part in this event! It's a win win situation...we artists donate for a great cause and the public gets to buy the art while knowing ALL the proceeds go to help these beautiful children.

I have been a fiber artist for almost 30 years and have 2 pieces that I am donating. I asked if the sewing school would need supplies? I am planning on a mad mad purging of my studio after my last show of the year in late October and have many new items that might be useful to the training center such as cone thread, marking pencils, etc. For years, I dyed fabric and sewed....first quilts and table linens, the framed work, but recently switched to painting on silk, so my sewing supplies are just sitting in my studio now."

Thank you Sandi for reaching out and making a great connection with me and the Urukundo Children's Home and Learning Center, which includes the sewing center. Wish you all the best on your upcoming shows!!!

Photos are of Sandi and her donated art.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beneta's Story

SEPTEMBER 7th early morning from Mama Arlene:

Last evening a young girl died. Her name was Betty Cyuzuzo. She is a neighbor and we have known Betty for a long time. She leaves behind an almost 2 year old and a 3 year old. She has no husband. Now the children have no one to care for them.

The family who will do the burial (not her family) came late last night to tell me she had died. They said malaria but I have doubts that was the cause of death. After the burial today they will come to request we take the children into our home, the Urukundo Home for Children.

With the new law we cannot just receive the children. They will have to go to the district for paperwork. In the meantime they must keep the children in their home where they are not wanted. They are an older couple with many of their own to support and care for.

In my heart I want the children but in my head I know we must, to protect Urukundo, follow proper procedures. This is so hard when children are alone and have just lost their mother. They need to be loved and protected.

What is the next step in this story? I am not sure. It's a wait and see journey. We know from experience that if we let them bring the children to us, which is what we want to do, the paperwork will never come and the district will cause us problems we do not need.

Things that are so simple become very complicated. My heart is breaking this morning for these little ones who would be loved and cared for here at our home but cannot come. I want to hold them, comfort them and let them know they are loved and have a safe haven.

SEPTEMBER 8th early morning from Mama Arlene:

My heart is breaking again for something so senseless to have happened. The 3 year old little girl just died, a day after her mother, after receiving treatment from a village doctor not at a clinic or hospital. She bled to death after this treatment. Now what will become of her sister? The neighbor family is keeping the little one for the time being but we hope and pray she will come to Urukundo.

SEPTEMBER 24th 10am from Mama Arlene|

BENETA has come to us as a live-in daycare child!!!! We are so happy to have her. Next step is to find her a sponsor. Her eyes do not sparkle and she is confused. Just give her time with her new "brothers" and "sisters" at the Home and she will know abounding peace and love.