Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's wonderful to bring the beauty of Rwandan culture to our community. Over two Sundays at St. Paul's United Methodist Church I held Isoko, a Rwandan Market, to sell baskets and carvings as well as aprons and bags made by our new sewing center.

The sale of these items, approximately $1,100 will go towards the $2,000 needed to purchase textbooks for Grades 1 & 2 at the Urukundo School.

These beautiful crafts sold so quickly that I will need to fill my suitcases and bring more home. Thank you to everyone that has a piece of Rwanda in their home.

I was just asked to display baskets a gospel program to be held at Grace Lutheran mid-April.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainbow 1

Having worked in the book business many ideas that come to me to connect kids to kids, revolve around a book. "God Smiles on a Rainbow" project with St. Paul's United Methodist Church's Sunday School classes presented itself early this past fall as I was reading the children's book God's Dream by Desmond Tutu. As I came to the end of the book I saw a beautiful rainbow made by many hands. Children's hands, baby hands.

Tori, the director of St. Paul's Sunday School, was on board to make banners in Sunday School that would go to Rwanda. The first banner will hang in the worship area where the Sunday service is led by UM Pastor Antoine. Worship is celebrated by those at the Children's Home and many from the community.

Tori agreed to schedule the dates and would only be a support person. She knows how important it is to grow leaders in the church. I am thrilled that children and youth are again taking leadership roles coordinating projects for Rwanda. Rachel a fourth grader at Houserville just completed a school project for Rwanda and said, "I love Kids in Mission and want to do more." Well, there was our first leader. Three teens, Brittany, Rachel and Sylvia said they were interested. The project was on it's way!

Many hands literally contributed. Those planning and coordinating AND those that were painted and lovingly pressed to the banner.

This banner will be blessed at the Feb 23rd Team Commissioning/Blessing of the Many Hands at the 10:45 service. Come see all who are serving so that missions in Rwanda is possible. The hands that prepare the way for those going.

Gen 9:13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

Rainbow 2 story shows more hands and one of the finished banners.

Rainbow 2

Work progresses on a second banner that will hang in the boys dorm where evening devotions are held. It will definitely bring smiles and beauty to our place of worship. Evening devotions are led by the children and teens so it is a perfect place for giving between children of State College and Rwanda.

Our team will work with the kids in Rwanda to make a banner for St. Paul's children and youth. It will be blessed and presented when we return in April!

Thank you to Tori, Rachel F., Rachel J., Brittany and Sylvia for all your help coordinating this with all the Sunday School classes. You are shining a light in the world.

Celebrate this work of beauty!!!

Ezekiel 1:25 Like the appearance of the rainbow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness all around.