Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pastor's Home

Last year St. Paul's Mission and Justice provided funds so pastor and his wife could make their home secure with doors and windows. They also cemented some inside walls and added electricity. Electricity means a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling in 2 rooms.

This January St. Paul's Mission and Justice provided additional funds to finish cementing the inside and outside walls as well as cement flooring in a few rooms.

Below is a photo of some of pastor's family while I was visiting them. Also photos of the outside walls and living room floor completed. No more dirt floors. The kitchen still has work to be completed.

Pastor Joseph emailed me this thank you, "It is a great pleasure to write to you and your church as I am here expressing my gratitude for your great help that you prepared for my entire family. To have a house that is fixed by help of lovely brothers and sisters in Christ. My family and I will always be proud of you and your church because of this huge demonstration of your brotherly LOVE through deeds, for even a genuine faith as the scriptures says is shown to people and to God in this way. May God graciously increase your blessings.

Even those that are not of my church will know that a servant of God never lacks any good thing. My wife Deborah and my entire family send all our best wishes and you would do well when you say to your husband and your family and your church that you've got a NEW family in Rwanda."

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Saturday April 7th is the 18th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda.

President Obama's statement:

"Eighteen years after the Rwandan genocide, we pause to reflect with horror and sadness on the 100 days in 1994 when 800,000 people lost their lives.

The specter of this slaughter of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters haunts us still, and reminds the nations of the world of our shared responsibility to do all we can to protect civilians and to ensure that evil of this magnitude never happens again.

The United States grieves with the Rwandan people, and we remember those whose lives were cut short.

And as we do, we also recognize Rwanda's progress in moving beyond this horrible tragedy, the strides it has taken to improve the lives of its people, and its contributions to protecting civilians from other nations in UN peacekeeping missions around the world.

The US government and the American people will continue to extend our friendship, partnership and support to the Rwandan people as they seek to build a peaceful and prosperous future."

****Please pray for healing and reconciliation for those affected. Pray that all inequity based on ethnicity might end. Pray that the Lord might bring justice and heal the wounds of those that did not receive fair treatment. And most importantly pray for true forgiveness as well as true repentance.