Friday, February 26, 2016

Giving to God

Giving to God.....Living a generous life.

Sunday February 7th I experienced amazing generosity at Trinity Lutheran Church in State College, PA. You see a friend of mine, Esther, thought her church could help collect money for me to purchase much needed white school socks for the kids in Rwanda. Pastor Ron Miller agreed.

For two Sundays members of Trinity donated towards the socks and ended up raising enough so I could purchase 120 pairs of socks, 55 white snap baby tee shirts and 55 terry baby towels. I never expected to have one church provide all this for so many children and babies.

Making this partnership even more special was Pastor Ron Miller inviting me to church on Feb 7th for the blessing of the gifts. He shared with the children a message about socks and asked me to come forward to share. Then children and adults carried 6 Rwandan baskets overflowing with some their generous gifts for the blessing. More items were still being purchased. Members of the church also signed a children’s book of bible stories.

As the book Giving to God by Mark Powell says, “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also”. I know their hearts and prayers will be with me in Rwanda.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Helping Hands Fair

This year Deana Washell's 3rd grade class at Easterly Parkway Elementary in State College is partnering with the Urukundo school on a water-themed classroom project. They also stepped up to help raise money for a water tank for 4th grade classes in Rwanda. It's called, "A Drop in the Bucket Campaign."

They kicked off their fundraising efforts at the school's Helping Hands Fair Feb 3rd. This annual event exposes children to needs in the community and opportunities to serve. Many local organizations were represented as well as our international project in Rwanda, Africa...Hope Made Real.

The kids made a long poster for the display. They took home flyers to share with their parents. Lanie brought in beads for kids to make jewelry. And Anna raised $65 from her birthday and Christmas. The kids were great marketers at the fair as they shared about raising money for the water tank. Deana's class plans to roll it out school-wide and encourage all the classes to participate.

*Great marketers
*Lanie and her beads
*PSU student intern Charlotte with a student
*Anna being interviewed by Chris Rosenblum
*Some of the team!!!!