Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Love Flows

God's love flows throughout the world like waters to give nourishment. Nancy Guild, an amazing Sunday School teacher at St. Paul's United Methodist Church brought the theme of life giving water and sharing God's love to life.

She began the mission portion of the advent season lesson by pointing out where Rwanda is on the globe. She then had a map of the world on a tray and asked the kids to place sticker hands and hearts on the map where Pennsylvania was.

Slowly she poured water on the stickers and slowly they spread across the map of the world. It shows that sharing the light of God in each of them is spreading the good news to Rwanda. And it will be shared during the Easter season in Rwanda.

Coloring Books

Coloring Books for Rwanda!!! What a wonderful way to learn about missions and to share with children at the Urukundo Home in Rwanda, Africa. This year the theme for the mission team is life giving water. So coloring books featuring bible stories related to water were created.

Stories included God creating the sky and the water and the fish in the sea, Moses in the basket and parting the waters of the Red Sea, Noah building the ark, Jonah in the belly of the whale, the disciples catching a multitude of fish and Jesus calming the seas and walking on water.

The "covers" of the books were created by BJ Rhodes and colored by the Sunday School kids. The printable pages of stories will be colored by the kids in Rwanda then shared by the mission team at devotions. Thank you to all the children of St. Paul's for sharing your gift of creativity.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Moms

As you all know we have been reaching out to support women in our community by providing the most vulnerable new moms with clothing for their babies and other items. The support has been greeted with such words of thanks and blessings to Mama Arlene and all that have donated. ...All that have donated infant clothing, knit hats and blankets and money so we can purchase hygiene products for the moms and have a nurse/midwife available. So thank you.

Just before Christmas two of those moms came to thank Arlene in person and share their new babies with our children at the home. Our children gathered around because at first they thought these would be new brothers and sister for them. They soon realized the babies had come with their moms for a visit. Still they till were excited to see the little ones.

Our special girl Claudine had a chance to hold one of the babies. Claudine is such a big girl now who has come a long way since her arrival almost 5 years ago as a 2 year old weighing 18lbs. Yes the love and care she receives daily has given her new life!!! And now she is sharing her love with this baby. Isn't it wonderful how God provides!!!!