Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Messiah College

Messiah College and Houghton College will partner with our Children's Home and Learning Center through GoED for the fourth time fall 2016!!! I'll be meeting the 10-12 students going when I take suitcases for them to deliver to Rwanda for us. This is the first time they will help us with this important need. And when I go in March I'll be working alongside two of the students that are placed with us.

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, the GoED Program in Africa engages students with the reality of global poverty, causes of conflict and the efforts for peacekeeping and reconciliation. The program fosters spiritual formation alongside academic courses and cross cultural experiences. In addition to classroom instruction, students participate in four-week practicum.

This March the two students i worked with were Jordan from Houghton and Jenna from Messiah. They worked on the farm, led devotions, helped in the classroom, worked one on one with pen pal letters and reading and most importantly loved the kids. These are amazing students that share the love of Jesus in all they do.