Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Roof Flyed Pt 1

October 1st nature played a horrible trick. Hurricane strength winds, hail and rain devastated several farm buildings leaving them in ruins. The storm gave no warning. Praises it did not harm anyone, nor the livestock, homes or other builds at Urukundo.

One of the little boys the next day upon seeing the farm said, "Mama, the pigs roof flyed." He was right as the entire roof lifted in one piece and flew up the mountain. Roofs from other buildings were destroyed and never found.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Roof Flyed Part 2

Work began quickly to first reattach the roof of the pig pen as moving pigs was impossible. It took 20 strong pen to pick up the roof that flew up the mountain and get it back in place. But they did it!

Then a new roof was added to the rabbit and baby chick house as it was totally destroyed. Cleaning up the interior is next so the animals can be brought back into their homes.

Getting the roofs was a priority and it is nearly complete. Unfortunately it was an unforeseen expense so funds were taken from other account. And these funds need to be replaced.

Contact me if you are interested in helping with the emergency farm expenses. Email me at

God surely was keeping everyone and all the animals safe.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


A Drexel University student

"Music has always dictated my mood; a simple melody or country song has always had the power to turn a really bad day into a really good one. In preparation for the 20-hour flight over to Kigali from Philadelphia, I started to make a playlist, filled with all different genres and beats, fast songs to instrumental works. When I switched on the playlist shuffle on Spotify, the first song that came on was “Remedy” by Zac Brown Band. If you are unfamiliar with the song, the lyrics read:

I've been looking for a sound
That makes my heart sing
Been looking for a melody
That makes the church bells ring
Not looking for the fame
Or the fortune it might bring
In love, in music, in life

Jesus preached the golden rule
Buddha taught it too
Gandhi said eye for an eye
Makes the whole world go blind
With a little understanding
We can break these chains that we've been handed
I've got the medication
Love is the remedy

Pray to be stronger and wiser
Know you get what you give
Love one another
Amen (amen), amen

And in those 3 minutes and 51 seconds prior to even taking off, God set the tone for my mom’s and my visit in Urukundo. During our 12-day stay, we participated in the daily activities of the children and mamas, including the daily chores, devotions, and play. During the school week, I assisted BlondinĂ©, one of the preschool teacher of Urukundo School, in the classroom; my mom helped Irene, the new librarian, and read the children books.

Upon returning from our trip, everyone would ask, “How was it?! What did you do?!” I don’t like this question very much. First, there are not sufficient words in the English dictionary to truly explain the beautiful life in Urukundo that Mama Arlene and her amazing staff, helpers and people of the village have made for the children of Urukundo. It really is a place of love. When people ask, “what did you do?” I feel that they want a description of how I helped in Urukundo, or better yet, what I “brought to the table.” I did not teach these children algebra nor did I explain the ins-and-outs of the water system or anything else of that matter.

I expected to be able to come over and teach something from my years in American education and current studies in university, but the truth is that the people of Urukundo, and really of Rwanda as a whole, are more competent and educated about life than I could ever dream. They are happy about having a basketball rather than a laptop or iPad, they appreciate the accomplishments of their friends and family, they are excited about the opportunity to go to school and gain knowledge. But the thing I learned most from my time away was that each person, because he or she is a son or daughter of God, is valued and loved. Thus, as I heard in the song, love truly is the remedy – the source to healing, forgiveness, the way for my heart to shout with joy. The love and wisdom I gained has guided me these past few weeks since my return to the States, and I can’t wait to return!"