Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pen Pals Pt 2

More pen pal comments.....

JJ and Michael 2nd year
Miriam their mom shared: "The boys wrote their letters to Luki and Agide this week! They really LOVE connecting with those boys. I think writing the letters gave them a little more incentive and inspiration to clear out some of their clothes to send to the children in Rwanda."

Cade (Yves) and Quinton (Soso) 1st time. Mom Shannon shared:
I asked how far away is Rwanda and how would you get there?
Quin's answer : Rwanda is 60 miles way you can drive there in a car.
Cade's anwer: You can get to Rwanda in a boat - I think it would be fun to sail there.

I asked about the animals that live in Rwanda:
Cade's answer: I know they have chickens. Our church is raising money to buy chickens. We should collect our money for that.
Quin's answer: There must be swordfishes since Cade is going to take a boat there.

If your pen pal would come an visit, what would you want to do with them:
Cade's answer: I would ask Yves to come play soccer with me on my team.
Quin's answer: I would go to Chick-fil-A and play in the playground and then go to the Creamery for ice cream!

Two brothers writing for their first time.....When writing their letter to Isiah, they said it was "cool" and we're looking forward to "learning about a different country and what it's like to live there. They asked a lot of questions in their letter and can't wait to hear back.

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