Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pen Pals Pt 1

The Rwanda pen pal program started in 2014 when Pam Zimmerman from St Paul's UMC sponsored books for our library and enclosed a photo of her grandchildren Lily and Alex. One of the girls at the Urukundo Children's Home, Sarah, wanted to me to give them a book and photo from her. And so it began.

This is the 3rd year letters are being exchanged.....between 24 PAIRS!!!!

Alex (Koboss) and Lily (Sarah) 3rd time
Lily says she really enjoys writing to Sarah and is looking to getting a letter from her. Alex is doing a Walk to Jerusalem with his grandmother Pam Zimmerman to keep track of their steps to add to others counting steps. They decided to see how many miles it was from State College to Rwanda, 7,238 miles. With Fitbit they averaged Alex’s steps and discovered it would take 900 days or about 2 ½ years to walk there. They both would like to go to Rwanda when they are older to see their pen pals. By plane of course!!!!!

Lily and Alex
Sarah (she's a bit somber as I took it the day I was leaving)

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