Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Chicks

Two days ago 750 one-day old chicks arrived at our farm. I found out while touring the farm yesterday morning. Jovit our cowboy in charge of chicks and chickens was all smiles as he waded among the tiny chicks in the charcoal heated room. Of course there was a lot of peeping and chirping among the chicks. Jovit spoke little English so we used hand motions and a bit of French to communicate. My French was from elementary school so lots of smiles and laughs.

Four times a year 750-1,000 chicks arrive that are raised to sell for meat. $85 purchases 100 chicks. My church, St. Paul's United Methodist Wesley college students are holding a Lenten fundraiser called "Fill the Coop" to purchase chicks for the farm. If other groups or churches are interested in this let me know and I can provide information.

I am alway humbled seeing how God provides so many blessings for this ministry. And there always seems to be a new experience that isn't planned. That's what makes Urukundo so special in our hearts. The people, the hard work, the love for this ministry and what it means to so many!!

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